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Lanarkshires most progressive waste management centre.

Every single container of waste you send us, over 90% of its content will be recycled. Wood, brick, metal, inerts, cardboard,leaving less than 10% to go to landfill. So your doing up a property? So far, you've knocked down a wall and are busy ripping out the kitchen. The NewTown Skip you've hired is brimming with brick rubble, old electrical cable, bits of kitchen window, torn lino and a tonne of rusty nails and screws.
Once we've loaded it for collection, the skip heads straight back to our waste recycling centre in Motherwell.
The first port of call is the Weighbridge, where we weigh the vehicle with and without its waste load in order to calculate how much the skip is carrying.

Grab and Load

Your skip load of waste is taken to the heart of our operation - the Materials Recycling Facility. Our massive Rehandling Machines grab and load the waste pile with their huge jaws to be dropped into the M.R.F.

Into the massive drum

The rest of your waste is now begins its journey down the main recycling line. Wooshed up into an enormous Intake Hopper, which displaces the waste beore sending it up the incline belt towards the Trommel (a revolving cylindrical sieve). It's a massive 10 metres long and nealry 3 metres in diameter.

End of the line

Your brick rubble is still on the conveyor, along with miscellaneous waste. At this point, an enormous electric motor, the Blower, generates a massive blast of air, sending any light waste hurtling into a container. The remaining waste drops onto a conveyor, which is manually picked by 12 operatives before entering our magnets. These remove ferrous and non ferrous materials. The remaining waste is then compacted for reuse as Residual Dry Fuel.

My sorted waste?

Your old bricks, along with any concrete, can be crushed and used as secondary aggregate. That wood will be shredded and used to make chipboard.

The metal will be fragmented and melted down to form new sheet steel . Screened soils go to civil engineering and landscaping.The cardboard is baled and sent back to the paper mill.So every ounce of waste has a purpose and a place!